Epilepsy Center

Philosophy of the Center

The team works with the patient’s primary care physicians and referring neurologists to offer an individualized program for each patient and family.

Above and beyond state-of-the-art technology, the Epilepsy Center at the Neuroscience Institute uses the human touch as the mainstay of the management of patients and their families. The goal of the center is to eliminate the patient’s seizures as completely as possible and to help the patient re-emerge into a productive and rewarding lifestyle.

Multi-disciplinary Epilepsy Patient Management Meeting

Each patient’s case is presented and discussed in detail by our multi-disciplinary team at our weekly meetings. The medical and surgical treatments of choice depend upon the results of the evaluations performed to locate the seizure focus and to determine how safe it would be to remove it. Surgery is approved only if all tests support its long-term benefit.

For a consultation with an epilepsy specialist or additional information, call 732-321-7010.