Mediplex Surgery Center

Patient Testimonials

“JFK Medical Center’s pride in the compassion and care it provides is summed up by “Exceptional Care. Exceptional People.” This attitude is carried throughout JFK’s extensive clinical services, regardless whether the patient interaction involves a complicated operation requiring an extensive stay, or an out-patient procedure conducted in less than a day. The JFK Mediplex Surgery Center is JFK Medical Center’s hospital-based ambulatory surgery center, catering to these patient’s specific needs. All surgery is outpatient and all patients are discharged the same day. Statelicensed and accredited by the Joint Commission, the facility features four operating rooms, one endoscopy room and both a post-anesthesia room and a discharge recovery area, where families can stay with the patient until discharge. It is a multispecialty facility with all the same physicians on staff as JFK Medical Center.”

“As a patient with Type 2 diabetes, Lance Dige has been diligent about managing the disease, including annual visits to his ophthalmologist. During a recent regular annual ophthalmic check-up, he discussed with his doctor that the skin of his eyebrow was beginning to come down over his eyes, beginning to impair his vision. His ophthalmologist conducted a series of tests to confirm that it was a medical condition and within a short time Lance was meeting with Nolis Arkoulakis, M.D., a plastic surgeon with JFK.”

“I knew that this condition would not get better, and I would have more and more trouble with my vision in that eye,” Lance explained. “But I was still pretty apprehensive about any sort of surgery around my eye. Dr. Arkoulakis started the whole process on the right foot; he explained every step that would be taken and was very reassuring about not only the surgery, but the outcome.”

“Lance’s surgery lasted two hours, after which he spent an hour in recovery. By that afternoon, he was home.”

“I couldn’t have been more impressed with my experience with this surgery at JFK, from the beginning to end,” Lance described. “It didn’t matter who was treating me, they took care to make sure that I understood exactly what was going on and did it in a kind and calming way. They all seemed to understand that having surgery around the eyes is a big deal, and they went out of their way to put me at ease. One of the parts that I was a bit nervous about was the anesthesia, and both my anesthesiologists – Dr. Matt Thompson and Dr. Cindy Li – went out of their way to talk me through it, and completely removed my nervousness.”

“Thanks to ‘exceptional care’ from ‘exceptional people,’ Lance’s surgical experience went smoothly and delivered a positive outcome. Supported by an experienced team with the skill for extremely delicate surgery, today, Lance is back to his normal life, feeling great and seeing the world with crystal-clear vision.

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