Skin Care and Health Guide

Skin Care Do’s

  • Inspect your skin daily for dryness, cracks, sores, bruises, reddened areas and blisters. Have someone check for you or use a mirror if you are unable to check yourself
  • Treat your skin gently without stretching, tugging or pulling skin
  • Cleanse skin with mild soap products
  • Use warm-to-touch water for cleansing and bathing
  • Rinse well. Remove all residue of the cleanser from the skin
  • Dry all skin folds and creases. Pay attention to the area between and underneath your toes
  • Moisturize skin after cleansing
  • Wear soft clothing
  • Drink adequate amounts of water – unless on restricted water intake
  • If using tape to secure dressings, apply to dressing not skin
  • Get podiatric care for foot maintenance

Skin Care Don’ts

  • Don’t bathe in hot water
  • Don’t soak
  • Don’t use skin care products with alcohol
  • Don’t scratch dry, itching skin
  • Don’t apply tape of any kind to dry, sensitive, fragile skin
  • Don’t neglect new area of irritation, soreness or discomfort on the skin

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