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JFK 50th Anniversary
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Quality & Safety

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Our Quality and Patient Safety Program is founded on evidence based best practices, teamwork, and the idea that we are always striving to provide the best care in the safest environment.  Click here for detailed information.


JFK for Life

JFK For Life changed these friends lives. With a team approach, the Center offered them the latest in minimally invasive weight loss surgery...

Find a Physician


From a family practitioner to the most sophisticated neurologists, JFK Medical Center's staff includes some of the most highly respected physicians in the northeast. For a referral to a JFK physician, click here.

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Vertigo/Dizziness Q&A

JFK DrHusainWhen something unbelievable happens, it may make your head spin. But if that spinning is happening more often than not, Phillip Kramer, MD, director of the Vestibular Laboratory at the JFK Neuroscience Institute, suggests it may be time to investigate the true cause.

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