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Breast Ultrasound imaging services


Professional breast ultrasound screening services for you

A breast ultrasound screening test uses sound waves to image the tissues of the breast. The JFK Medical Center has qualified medical staff who excel at breast ultrasound diagnostics. Our breast ultrasound diagnostic services are powered by advanced technology that pinpoints to the areas of the breast with an indication of cell abnormality.

The breast ultrasound diagnostics are capable of imaging all the areas of the breast that are not possible with mammography. While we do not rule out the need for a mammogram, we use ultrasound technology to closely examine abnormalities detected from mammography.

Our doctors rely on breast ultrasound to accurately examine fluid-filled and solid masses in the breast and differentiate between the two forms of breast abnormalities. You will get a definitive diagnosis and accurate results to determine if there is a cause for concern.

The ultrasound screening uses a transducer across the surface area of the breast, using sound waves that reflect off breast abnormalities. This produces high-quality images of the particular breast tissue which will be subjected to observation or aspiration by our medical staff.

If a cyst or solid mass is detected, a biopsy will be conducted and an analysis of the biopsied tissue by our experienced pathologists will determine whether the tissue is benign or malignant.

Professional determination of results and follow up

Our medical staff will interpret the results for you in layman’s terms. If a biopsy is required, our medical staff will explain the results. While you may get a negative result from breast ultrasound screening, you may find out that you have atypical hyperplasia, which is an indication of abnormal breast tissue, which is not yet cancerous. If this turns out to be the case, our medical staff will advise you on future care, and necessary treatment.

Contact JFK Medical Center to book an appointment for professional breast ultrasound screening services today.

R2 Computer Assisted Diagnosis Program is the Most Advanced Diagnostic Service Available


Computer- assisted breast cancer diagnosis of breast cancer powered by state-of-the-art technology

At JFK Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing you with friendly and professional breast cancer diagnostic services, based on the most advanced technology available. Our R2 computer-assisted detection service enhances the set of tools available to our radiologists. As a result, you can trust us to give you a digitized and error-free diagnosis.

We understand that the risk of breast cancer can take a toll on your life. The expertise of our medical staff and technology is the most qualified approach to the detection of breast cancer.

Our R2 computer assisted diagnostic services are definitive and error-free

With state-of-the-art technology, our clinical involves detailed detection of all forms of abnormalities in breast tissue. Our medical imaging services will produce crisp images from a variety of testing modalities. Our radiologists will give you a thorough and personalized radiology diagnosis in a short and pain-free session.

If you have a lesion or a lump in your breast tissue, reach out for a computer assisted diagnosis of breast cancer with us today. While it has been difficult to detect breast cancer in the past, our modern screening service is fail-safe.

High-precision diagnosis with our R2 computer assisted diagnosis program

You do not have to undergo the stressful stretch of uncertainty and waiting that is typical with breast cancer testing. When you come to us, you will undergo a high-precision mammography screening with the ability to detect the smallest abnormalities in the breast tissue. With our R2 computer assisted detection system, your breast screening will produce a definitive diagnosis. We will be able to see tiny microcalcifications and other symptoms of breast cancer that cannot be detected without the R2 ImageChecker technology. High-resolution monitors provide close-up examination for a conclusive and fast diagnosis.

Book an appointment with us now to experience a definitive breast cancer screening under our R2 computer assisted diagnosis program at JFK Medical Center.

A More Advanced and Accurate Method to Test for Breast Cancer


\Why Genius 3D Tomography

While a Genius 3D mammography exam shares some similarities with a traditional 2D mammogram, it is impressively accurate in the early detection of breast cancer.

At JFK Medical Center, we pride ourselves as a Genius 3D tomography service provider with unparalleled experience and expertise. We are dedicated to administering diagnostic mammography services under the clinically proven 3D tomography technology, which is 50% more accurate than traditional 2D mammography technology.

A professional way to diagnose breast cancer

With our 3D Genius Tomography, you will get a 3-dimensional breast cancer diagnostic service which is detail-oriented and more effective than a traditional 2-dimensional mammography.

The Genius 3D tomography has the capacity to show the distinct structures of the breast including blood vessels, fat, ligaments and milk ducts. Consequently, our medical staff can identify the area with abnormal tissues in your breast due to the clarity of 3-dimensional pictures generated. We are able to identify the overlying structures of the components that make up the breast tissue, which is impossible with a traditional 2-dimesnional image.

The accuracy and precision of our Genius 3D tomography service give you a high degree of certainty that your diagnosis of breast cancer is final with no chance of worrisome callbacks and is widely covered by the available insurance plans including Medicare.

A more effective way to diagnose breast cancer

The breast cancer at JFK Medical Center is your "one stop shop" for an accurate early detection of breast cancer thanks to the Genius 3D mammography technology. The Genius 3D exam allows the medical staff to thoroughly examine the breast via a series of detailed breast images, layer by layer. Thus, each layer of breast tissue is carefully and thoroughly examined to give you an accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. The 3D Genius Tomography exam has the ability to accurately picture any woman’s breast despite their age or the density of the breast.

At JFK Medical Center we have the most qualified technologists on 3D Tomography and radiologists to give you a professional and definitive breast cancer diagnosis.

Call us today to book an appointment at JFK breast center to experience our unbeatable Genius 3D mammography service.

Definitive Diagnostic Services for the Detection of Anomalies in Breast Ducts


Why you need JFK Medical Center’s ductography services

If you have experienced a spontaneous nipple discharge without squeezing the nipple, we recommend that you undergo ductography. Typically, such a nipple discharge originates from an infected duct in your breast.

Ductography is a specialized procedure that we apply to examine a suspicious discharge from the nipple. It helps to identify abnormalities in the milk ducts within the breast.

We have a friendly and serene environment to make you feel at ease and confident while undergoing the procedure. Our specialized medical staff will perform a non-intrusive examination of your duct system to diagnose the nipple discharge to inform you on whether the discharge is benign or a sign of breast cancer.

A ductogram by our medical staff will reveal the internal structure of the ducts within the breast to accurately determine the cause of the nipple discharge. Once the specific ducts have been identified they will be removed to give you relief and restore the health of your duct system.

What you should know about ductography

In layman’s language, ductography is a non-invasive procedure in which we use mammography, and a low-level form of X-ray scan in tandem with a contrast material to create pictures (galactograms) of the milk ducts.

In this procedure, we examine the ducts within the breast to diagnose and treat abnormalities in the breast tissue. The ducts in the breast are best observed under ductography which is superior to ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging techniques. Thus, you will receive a definitive diagnosis of breast anomalies in the breast duct with a high degree of accuracy not possible with other imaging methods.

What to expect during the ductography procedure at JFK Medical Center

At JFK Medical Center, we administer the ductography procedure on an outpatient basis and it takes approximately an hour to complete the procedure.

You will be asked to sit and your exposed nipple will be cleansed. The medical staff attending to you will squeeze the nipple to draw a minimal amount of fluid to identify the specific duct with the discharge. They will then insert a miniature catheter into the milk duct; followed by an injection of a contrast material.

An X-ray picture will be taken to identify the duct with an abnormality and its specific location. You will be informed of the results. Overall, this is a pain-free procedure and it is accurate in the diagnosis of cancerous cells.

Call us to schedule your appointment and experience an unbeatable ductography service at JFK Medical Center, today

Mammography: The Ultimate Breast Abnormality Test


Why our mammography screening services are ideal for you

As you age, the health of your breast is exposed to various disease-causing factors. While there are symptoms that warrant a breast mammography, it is recommended that you undergo mammography screening early. Typically, if you are over 30 years of age, our doctors recommend a breast screening test in order to identify and treat any abnormalities.

Our mammography screening is a comprehensive test that identifies abnormalities. These abnormalities could be denseness, lumps, inflammation and tumors that signal the early stages of breast cancer. Although some symptoms may pose no risk of breast cancer, a diagnostic mammography is the only sure way to tell that a nipple discharge, a breast mass or any other symptom is not linked to breast cancer.

It is counterproductive to wait until you have a severe symptom of breast anomaly to seek medical attention. Visit us today for a diagnostic mammogram as early as now. Our friendly customer service staff will introduce you to the medical staff at JFK Medical Center who will give you a professional mammogram screening.

The Benefits of Mammography Screening

Unlike traditional breast screening, a mammogram offers numerous advantages;

  • It is highly sensitive and any abnormality is identified before it becomes severe.
  • It is based on cutting-edge imaging technology to detect any cancer cells in the breast.
  • It is fast and only takes a few minutes to complete and give you accurate results on your diagnosis.
  • With an early identification of abnormalities, you will have the attention of our medical staff to stop the tissues from threatening your health.

Get a thorough Screening and Diagnostic Mammography Test

Our screening test uses 3D imaging technology to deliver accurate results by magnifying the abnormalities. If an aberration is detected, the medical staff will compare the results to the structure of a normal cell. You will have a definitive diagnosis and go home with a confirmation of the absence or presence of breast cancer.

Take a breast screening test today

Visit us today for an advanced breast screening mammography service or call to book an appointment.